Music workshop Session S6 - 2022

From Saturday 22th October 2022 at 6PM to Saturday 29th October 2022 at 10AM

Morning: Practice by instrument. This morning preparation will give you the necessary autonomy to take your place in the general rehearsals organized in the afternoon.
directed by a professional musician specialized in your instrument.
Presentation of the pieces, analysis of their structure.
Exploration of rhythmic and harmonic difficulties.
Heating, positioning of the instrument.
Specific techniques, personalized advice.

Afternoon: General rehearsals and combos.
Implementation of songs and music.
Listening and locating in the structure.
Hardware setup, volume management.
Styles, ambiances and nuances.
Communication and support on stage.

The stay allows an immersion in music with an intense instrumental practice. In each session: rehearsals in combos (small training) and in formation (numerous musicians) and concerts / shows including various styles: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Chanson, Funk, Reggae, RnB, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban...
The repertory, which is different at each session, is communicated fifteen days before the beginning of each session.