vocal Workshop

Program for singers

Morning instrumental practice:
The day will begin with a physical awakening, focusing on breathing, placement and anchoring. Then, by integrating the technical specificities of singing (scenic posture, voice placement, Stress management, ease to the microphone ...), we will traverse the songs repeated in sets in the afternoons. Finally, rehearsal of Polyphonies, Circle Songs, Vocal Impros, Interpretation will reinforce the Vocal Package of the morning.

Rehearsals in the afternoon:
This moment will be the occasion to sing with musicians. You will experience the practice of singing in scene situations (sonorisation, scenic attitude, implication ...) You can also reinforce your rhythmic knowledge, located in a grid. Finally, you will perform interventions in backgrounds or soloists.

Implementation of the project and stage performance:
The singer, exposed by the fact of his instrument lead, occupies the front stage. For the management of this delicate and inherent moment of the vocal instrument (anchoring, confidence, stress management, technical tools) you will benefit from the concrete and professional advice of the intervening artist throughout the session.