Corinne Francais

Singer, composer (Bossa Jazz), author, guitarist and arranger (polyphony, SATB, brass).

As a professional, Corinne has experimented in a wide variety of musical styles ranging from funk to jazz (performing in duets, quartets and vocal groups) and improvisation (especially with a company of contemporary dance). She sang in a nonet choir with Michelle Hendricks (the opening act for the Ray Charles Show) and has participated in three CD's: "D'Asie et d'ailleurs" with the vocal jazz group SCATSY, "Cycladapoulos" in the duet cello and voice "l'une et l'autre"; "Matounoir" in the duet, guitar and voice.
Corinne learned through participation at the Jazz Action Montpellier and then with professional jazz singers Michelle Hendricks and Roger Letson . She was taught to improvise by Denis Badault and Laurent Dehors.
She uses a variety of teaching methods derived from bodily techniques such as breathing, "ancrage", spatial awareness, timbre quality and the ability to create a presence.
For many years she has been giving short courses which include vocal techniques, interpretation and rounds. Corinne leads jazz workshops in swing, free improvisation and scat in Paris, Montpellier and Switzerland.
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Pierre Palmarini

Pierre is a self taught guitarist. He started in 1972 trying to replicate the guitar sounds of the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. During this time his skills and style as a guitarist developed and he went on to study the techniques of the best French and US musicians such as Joe Diozio, Pat Metheny, Ted Greene, John Scofield, Joe Baron, Harvey Schwarts, etc...
The 1980's was an intense period of improvement for Pierre. He played with pop artists and dance bands. Later he experimented and performed in a number of clubs, jazz and "musique actuelle"festivals . In 1998 he was the opening act in the Dee Dee Bridgewater Show. Pierre has also performed in the United States in Colorado and California.
Pierre has played and recorded with Bobby Rangell, Mark Diamont, Chuck Silverman, JPDalmassy, Alain Bedier and numbers of local musicians.
Pierre has made a number of albums: 1990, La Palmeraie; 1996, Melodies; 2002, Thessalie; 2004, Conversations and in 2009/2010 an album still to be issued made with Stephane Marras (accordion and voice), Bertrand Ray (bass and double bass), Gilles Combalet (drums).
Here is what the press have to say about Pierre: Midi Libre, "Pierre's melodies must grab our attention!" and la Gazette de Toulouse, "Pierre, a cool musician. His playing and melodies are rich in poetry."
Pierre is the author of a blues guitar method and several CD's which have backing tracks for jazz, blues, bossa, samba, funk, rock and pop music. He founded Musiques Festives in 1994.

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Francois Richomme

Professional activities since 1984:
- Composer / Musician
- Sound designer
- Sound engineer
- Collaboration between art forms
- Teacher: music, dance, sound technology, Yoga

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Bertrand Ray

Intervenant Basse/Contrebasse

Né en 1964, premières études musicales classique à cinq ans et découverte de la flûte traversière. Apprend en autodidacte la guitare puis la basse électriques et joue dans différentes formations de la region Parisienne. Etudie le jazz au C.I.M, à l' I.A.C.P. Débute la contrebasse à 20 ans et obtient une médaille d'or en classique au conservatoire de Nîmes. Titulaire du F.N.E.J.M.A.
Professionnel depuis 17 ans, Il a collaboré avec des artistes de tous horizons: Jazz, Chansons, Funk, Salsa, Afro, Blues, Rock.
Musicien de scène expérimenté, il joue dans de nombreux festivals en France (lauréat des musicales de Bastia) et à l'étranger (Ferrara Buskers en Italie, Brighton en Angleterre....). Premières partie de: C. Khaled, J. Birkin, G. Beart, M. Legrand, Benabar, M. Portal, E. Kusturica ...
Enregistre plusieurs albums avec: Ginkobiloba (Patchamama, Mamacita), O l'Hotes (au plaisir, Mélancolies).

Enseignant en cours privé, écoles, stages.

Benjamin Amiel

First prize of Saxophone, Jazz, and Chamber Music. Benjamin Amiel teaches today on Montpellier and Pézenas. At the same time he performs with musicians such as Serge Lazarevitch (Jazz teacher at the Montpellier Conservatoire) as a trio, conducts and composes for the "BANB" that will be on the national jazz scene with the Radiofrance festival, and works for future generations with his pedagogical saxophone set "Les p'tits Saxs de Pézenas".

Thierry Cheze

Born in Tulle in 1964, he studies classical as well as jazz saxophone at the conservatory of Montreuil with Jean Claude Fohrenbach. He participates in lots of music bands ranging from trio to big band.
He especially performed with Georges Arvanitas, Maurice Vander, big band régional du limousin, Carlos Maza ...

He is currently jazz music teacher at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental de Tulle. DIplomas: jazz DE and CA.

Damien Gouzou

Formed from 2001 to 2011 at the Departmental Radiation Conservatory of Tulle, he obtained a CFEM of jazz (drums), CFEM of saxophone (classical), CFEM musical training and a DEM of jazz (unanimously). Then formed from 2011 to 2015 at the Superior Institute of Arts in Toulouse, he obtains a DNSPM of current music, a musicological license, DE music teacher specialty current music. At present he teaches drums, current music and M.A.O at the Fabrique des Arts - Conservatoire de Carcassonne.
He is involved in many artistic projects: E.M.Q. (Etienne Manchon Quartet), Mental Medication (within Le Maxiphone Collective), Marjolaine Paitel Quintet, P2M Orchestra, Denis Gautier Quintet, Tony Brams Orchestra, Stéphane Raux Trio, Equestrian Cabaret at Pompadour National Studs, GÜZU, ParKmetr (within PoCollectif), Gouz'nonet ... Several CDs to his credit: JET (bigband, direction: Thierry Chèze - 2011), Marjolaine Paitel Quintet (album: In front of the mirror - 2014), Mental Médication (Le Maxiphone collection - 2015 ), GÜZU (EP breaking pattern - 2014), ParKmetr (EP: No. 1 - 2016), GÜZU (EP INFINI - 2017).