Drums Workshop

Program for drummers and percussionists

Main themes: body systems and interpretation, imagination and creativity, self-expression.
Morning instrumental practice:
1/ Discussion / Return on previous day
2/ Preparation for afternoon workshops / classes
3/ Main topics covered during the Master-classes:
- The instrument: history, relationship, disposition, body positions, study of movements
- Stakes of the instrument: location, chopsticks, tempo, musical structures, nuances, propulsion / groove
- Rhythm: pulsation, binary / ternary flow, patterns, feel training and musical approach of notation, placement, micro-timing, interior / exterior listening, tempo
- Learning and integration: coordination, slow motion, pleasure and groove
- The rudiments and their applications: orchestration, accents, permutations
- Consciousness and use of body systems: relaxation, performance and creativity
- Group play: knowing where to stand, relationships, music according to cultures

Rehearsals in the afternoon
- Body-Mind
- Vocal Harmony and History of Music
- Composition / Inspiration / Structure
- Arrangements
- Body Rhythm
- Rythm permutations
- Sound: Theory and Practice
- Computer music
- Listening / analysis / transcription
- Questions answers